How can I inquire about a certain promotion?

There are two ways you can contact us. First, you can send an e-mail to Or you can call the person in charge of the promotion at the number listed on the contest or event page.

If I call, does that give me a better chance of winning or getting into an event?

It does not, but we are happy to hear from you.

Does The Washington Post give tours of the newsroom or the plant?

Guided group tours of The Washington Post printing facilities in Springfield, Va., are available on Thursdays by reservation, which can be made up to four weeks in advance. Guided group tours of The Washington Post are given by reservation for groups of 10-25. Reservations for printing facilities tours can be made on the Plant Tours page under Events.

Another popular event is the annual Readers Day, when you can tour our Springfield, Va., printing plant and meet Post writers, editors and other staff. We also host occasional Meet the Post events at our downtown location. Watch for both!



How will I know if my entry went through?

Once you submit your entry, you should automatically receive a "Thank you" message on your screen, confirming your action. You will also receive a confirming e-mail shortly after.

How many times may I enter a contest?

Every contest or sweepstakes is different, so please read the rules carefully to find out so you won't be disqualified.

Where can I find a copy of the rules for a contest?

Rules should be listed on the home page for each contest just above the entry fields.

How will I know if I win?

If you are one of our lucky winners, you will be notified via e-mail or phone by a member of The Washington Post’s Promotions & Events Team. If you don't receive a call saying that you are a winner, please don't be discouraged. Be sure to enter another one of our fun contests or sweepstakes.

Why do I have to sign a release form when I win a prize?

We require a release form to be filled out by all contest winners in order to verify that all rules were followed and that you are who you say you are.

How do I obtain a copy of contest rules or find out who was chosen as the winner(s) of a specific contest?

Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: The Washington Post Marketing Dept, 1150 15th Street NW, 7th Floor Lennox, Washington DC 20071. Please specify "Official Rules" or "Winners List" and the name of the specific contest. Be sure to check each contest's rules to verify deadline dates for requesting this information. 


How do I get my event listed on this site?

The events listed on this site are hosted by, or related to The Washington Post or its affiliates.

Is there a limit to how many tickets I may purchase for a Post event?

Not unless specified.

Can I show up the day of the event to purchase a ticket?

Usually, but it depends on the event. If advance purchase is required, it will be stated in the event details.  Otherwise, come on down—although seating cannot be guaranteed.

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